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Kristen Zeanah, PT, DPT, Owner/Director

Kristen Zeanah’s journey to become a physical therapist took a non-traditional route.

After graduating from Auburn University in mechanical engineering, he worked seven years in a manufacturing environment.

Through various experiences in international mission work, he saw an opportunity to help people through physical therapy. He pursued a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Upon graduation in 2010, he worked in an inpatient rehabilitation facility, giving one-on-one care to patients following orthopedic surgery and various neurological conditions.

In 2012, he began managing an outpatient PT clinic at the same hospital while continuing to develop his manual skills. In 2013, he was asked to open a clinic with one of the largest therapist-owned private practices in the State of Alabama who were known for their exceptional hands on care.

He pursued continuing education in manual therapy courses for the spine, instrument assisted soft tissue (IASTM), three advanced level dry needling courses and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). He also completed specialized courses in endurance sports (running and cycling) as well as personally completing his first full distance Ironman.

As his clinical skills in treating various orthopedic conditions developed for people of all functional levels from the average couch potato to the weekend warrior to the high school athlete to the highly trained endurance athlete, he realized how ideal treatments were more difficult to provide within the bounds of insurance and reimbursement.

He saw a need for individualized skilled care without restrictions of insurance carriers. It is his philosophy that we can provide care with improved focus and faster recovery with a highly-skilled hands-on model of care and that in the end, it is more cost-efficient than the current insurance driven physical therapy model.

Driven by his core values and mission to help others, he established 10xPhysiotherapy.

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