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As endurance athletes, we don't like to take time off from the sport we love.  Our primary goal at 10x Physiotherapy is to help you prevent injury if possible.  However, we also know that injuries do occur.  When that happens, our goal is to help you navigate through that injury as quickly as possible while minimizing the time off of the sport you love.  

All visits are delivered to you for your convenience (home, office, or gym), and are centered around your race or recovery goals.  Collaboration with your coach/trainer is a significant part of your success, and is not only included, but is encouraged. 

Whatever your needs are, we have a package for you.  Don’t see the package you are looking for?  Contact us and we will design one for your specific needs.  

Sport specific evaluation and follow up (3 visit package)- $400 

This is our premium endurance sport package and includes:

    • Initial visit- Will include a detailed biomechanical evaluation, video analysis, and a home corrective program
    • 1 week follow up visit- Will address any changes to home corrective program, and include any skilled therapy needed  to treat specific issues
    • 1 month follow up visit-  Will re-assess, treat, and address any changes that are needed to your program.    

Single visit sport specific evaluation- $185

Get the same first visit evaluation as in our premium package, delivered to you.

REBOOT Recovery package- 

10x Rapid Reboot Package includes 1 hour of:

  • Skilled Physical Therapy Techniques
    • Soft Tissue work
    • Joint manipulation
    • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM)
    • Dry Needling
    • Manual Stretching
  • 20 Minutes of Rapid Reboot
    • Sequential Compression System
    • Full length extremity
 Click here for REBOOT pricing and scheduling

Running evaluations

Whether you are a novice runner taking on your first 5K, or a seasoned ultra-marathon participant, achieving your optimal performance while avoiding injury is crucial.

If your running gait is off, it will compromise your ability to continue running and can lead to recurring injuries.

Our thorough running evaluation gets to the source of your movement issues and can help us prevent further injury or determine the root cause of your pain or movement problems.

Biomechanical assessments for cyclist 

We offer biomechanical bike assessments for athletes of all abilities who want to start training correctly from the beginning or who want to take their training and performance to the next level. We can also help cyclist who may be experiencing pain and recurring injuries.

Our comprehensive screening helps to identify biomechanical deficits that are specific to you.  Muscle imbalances in strength and length, as well as structural issues (bones/joints) all contribute to your ability to perform and enjoy your time on the bike.  We will develop a specific plan based on your specific goals and restrictions to keep you going for the long ride. 

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