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The Concierge Difference

At the core, the 10x Difference is based on the fact that we are all created with our own unique talents, individual needs, and we each have our own personal goals. So why does our healthcare not take any of that into consideration? Why do you have to alter your schedule or lifestyles to fit into the current medical model? Why can’t your goals be reached on your terms?

How much extra time do you have in your daily schedule? What happens if you become injured, or worse, require surgery? How does your schedule or life change? If you are like us, you can’t squeeze any more activities into your normal routine.

Tired of seeing a different Physical Therapist at each visit? Feel like you could do the same routine exercises at home by yourself without having to go to the PT clinic? Are you getting the individualized, 1-on-1 care that is required to get better faster?

At 10x Physiotherapy, we feel there is a better way to help time crunched individuals address movement issues that can significantly impact their daily lives.  We feel our model of care is a more efficient delivery method of Physical Therapy. Consider this:

The normal method of 3 visits / week for 4 weeks would produce 12 total visit and approximately the same number of hours in a clinic (not counting travel time). Once in the clinic, if your therapist is also working with (only) one other patient, you get at best, 30 minutes of individualized care. So you spend 12 hours in a clinic to get 6 hrs of individualized care. That is only 50% efficient. 

Traditional PT  Model
3x/week x 4 weeks = 12 visits (hours of time)
1 PT with 2 patients = 50% individualized care
= 6 hours skilled care

In the 10x Physiotherapy model, you would get 6 individualized hours of treatment in only 6 visits instead of 12!! No wasted time leaving work or packing up the kids and driving to a clinic, no wasted time with exercises that you are already doing at home, no time wasted as your therapist does paperwork, just uninterrupted individualized care by your skilled physical therapist in the comfort of your own home, or convenience of your own office.

Additionally, as out of pocket cost continue to rise in the traditional healthcare model, many individuals are likely paying out of pocket for these services anyway. But don't just take our word for it, take a look at the article and graphics below.




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